With Pyxitrack, tracking your belongings will become child's play

Discover how to activate your tracker, simply and intuitively

A mobile app that follows you anywhere

Sign in, create your profile and follow the instructions on the screen to add and activate your tracker

A map to...

View the positions of your trackers one by one or view all your connected devices on a single map

A history for...

View the positions of each of your devices, by date, by period or by refining your search

An itinerary for...

Generate the route to your devices and ring them to find them faster

Be guided to...

Finding your items through a "hot / cold" system. The indicator will turn red as you get close to your device.

Customize all your options from your PyxiApp

Whether from the mobile app or the web app, customize your tracking thanks to the several options!

Motion: receive a motion alert notification with position and time details
Geo-fencing: be alerted when the object enters the and / or leaves a  custom zone
Bluetooth: be notified when the network is broken or when it is back on
Button: receive a notification when you tap the tracker

Change the frequency of sending positions: normal mode, slow mode, intensive mode

Define a control area from the current position of the device or from a selected area. The distance from the area can range from 100 meters to 2.5 kilometers

View all the alerts of your connected objects

App safety

The Pyxitrack is associated with a unique user account. To connect via another account, you must first un-pair the tracker.

A web app to stay in control at any time

Lost your smartphone? You no longer have access to your PyxiApp to manage your trackers? No worries! Log in to our web interface with your credentials and keep control of your personal belongings.


Protect your belongings in case of theft


Keep the ability to manage your devices


Locate the last saved position


Generate the route to your device

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