Track it! Find it!



With their elegant design and state-of-the-art technology, Pyxitrack trackers allow you to geolocate, in real time, your personal belongings

Locate your belongings

Be informed in real time of the position of your objects

Generate a route

Find them thanks to the itinerary function available on the mobile app

Warn in case of emergency

Press the button to send a signal to your smartphone or your contacts

Pyxitrack app

Download your PyxiApp to manage your trackers. The application is accessible on smartphone, tablet and computer thanks to our dedicated web interface.

Pyxitrack's history

It all started after a political speech on the development of tourism in France: Thefts rose in Paris... A question then arises: how to protect the property of tourists? And of Men in general? Who has never lost an object of value? The goal was to provide a reliable solution at the cutting edge of innovation! An efficient and effective solution that would locate, track and find these valuable objects we care about. To meet your most complex needs, it was essential to have extensive network coverage and get positions in real time, no matter where you are... We have put together all the necessary means to reach a level of performance up to your expectations. Thus was born, after years of research and development, Pyxitrack, the tracker that combines elegance and performance.


Technological reliability

The choice of the best technologies and the most efficient networks to bring you reliable information in real time


A solution crafted day after day and designed by our engineers, to offer you an ever more efficient tracker


A complete understanding of your needs to provide you with solutions that meet your requirements

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